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As I'm sure you've seen, Photography happens to be a service with a wide range of pricing!

Where do I fit in??

First, let me tell you what you GET when you book with me. I am an award-winning, internationally published photographer who absolutely prides myself in the quality and consistency of my work. I will provide you with an extremely high quality of images so you never regret getting photos taken that you LOVE (and not just ones you settled for). Life goes by SO quickly and I want you to adore the photos that capture this moment in your life before time moves on.

I have been doing photography for over a decade (12 years in fact!). I know how to pose you in flattering ways, and how to engage your family to get genuine smiles and emotions. You never have to wonder what to do because I will guide you through the entire session (my goal is for you to walk away feeling like it wasn't even a photo shoot, but more like we were hanging out and having a good time!). I know where to place you in the best possible lighting, in beautiful locations. I also have a unique way of editing that will set your photos apart. In fact, my ideal client is someone who TRULY values photography, so if that describes you... we will be a fantastic team!

My weekday photo sessions are $485 and Saturday sessions are $545, with a one hour duration, and come with approximately 80+ digital images. They are high resolution, edited, and they come with full printing rights (I will provide you a list of great places to go for prints). I also have a detailed clothing guide to help you get the very best results out of your session, and am always just a text away from helping you with your specific outfit choices. I love this part! (hopefully you will too) :). For larger groups, there will be a charge of $20 per person after the first 10 people.

Photos are one of the few things that increase in value over time. You can't turn back the clock and have another chance at truly beautiful pictures of you and your family at this exact stage of life, so I would love to work with you on achieving your dream photos! You will never regret making this a priority, you will only be ever so glad you did! 

- F A Q ' s -

"What goes into your pricing?"

I pride myself in the quality of images I deliver. I also make sure to cover my expenses running a business, years of education developing photography expertise, and of course, time. I spend time communicating with clients, time traveling, time shooting, and time editing and color correcting to get your photos to look ammmmazing. I have invested quite a bit in my professional, high-end equipment, as well as workshops so that I may provide the best artistic work possible for my clients. I'm blessed that my clients value photography so highly!


"Do you offer mini sessions?"

I offer mini's just a few times a year (usually one date in the Spring and one in the Fall). I don't offer these every day because they take quite a bit of coordination - I need to get a number of families lined up on the same day, in the same general timespan, in the same location. That is how I am able to offer a discounted rate. That being said, in the past I have had a few individuals gather their own groups of friends/neighbors together for a private mini session date (I just need a minimum of 4 families). If that interests you I'd be happy to talk about options.


"How do I know which kind of session is right for me?"

Mini sessions are great when you want something really quick and at less of a cost than a full session. Mini's are 15 minutes and offered twice a year, so there may be a wait involved depending on the timing of when you need to take your photos. Also, 15 minutes can work for you, or it could be too short of a timespan for what you need. I'm happy to discuss it with you! Full sessions are fantastic for having time to get everything - not only just the highlights, but the moments in between, the details, playing shots, and it is nice and relaxed. Often children benefit from a full session if they need time to calm down or just take a small break. We are also free to choose a day that works for both of us, whereas mini's are a set date. Each kind of session has their benefits! Many families with small children prefer a full session because it gives plenty of time and space if their kids need it. For what it's worth, I have never had a full or mini session that I didn't get some great images out of! So either kind of session is going to be AWESOME ;).


"What does it mean to get "high resolution" images?"

It means that the file sizes are large and will make for quality prints of any size.


What does it mean to get "full printing rights?"

It means you have the freedom to print the photos in any size and quantity you'd like. I do offer prints from a professional, high quality lab, but that is optional :). I also give suggestions to some online companies who do a great job on prints, and who to stay away from!


"I want to book! How do I talk my significant other into this?" (I get this question a lot) ;)

First off, I really, truly, through-and-through believe that photographs are PRICELESS. There are photos of my parents, children, of my wedding, newborn babies, my grandparents, etc. that I'd pay a million dollars for if I had to, and if I had a million dollars ;). They are worth everything to me because they are of the people I love, at a time I can't go back to. Of course us photographers need to put a price on our time and value (and I have crafted my price very carefully). Only YOU know your spouse and the dynamic you have together, but hopefully they will see your passion, see the value of what beautiful family pictures will add to your home and your memories, how quality over "cheap" REALLY matters on this one, and hey... at the end of the day, bribery is always an option ;). 

If you have ANY other questions, I'm always happy to help! I'm a call or text away! 702.400.3337

Sooo.... how much?

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