Hi! I'm Jeanna.

(pronounced "Gina" if you were curious!)

I am a portrait & commercial photographer and educator who helps families and brands get their dream photos, and photographers transform their portfolios. Nice to meet you!

Located in Kansas City, Missouri with beloved clients worldwide.

I am a mom to five hooligans, wife to a fellow Seinfeld addict, and I morph into a 70's disco goddess in the kitchen when ABBA plays on Alexa. I would turn down any dessert in this world in favor of something salty (I'm looking at YOU, french fries). I grew up obsessing with paint and colored pencils and it took me all the way from Kindergarten to college, where I learned art and design.

things  I  COMPLETELY  love :

- New England clam chowder
- Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, and 90's hip hop
- Assembling IKEA furniture (weird, huh?)
- The Secret Garden
- Jane Austen ANYTHING
- Oxford commas (controversial, I know!)
- My husband's hilarious one-liners
- Closed captioning
- Eucalyptus Mint lotion from Bath & Body Works

- Crispix cereal
- Norman Rockwell paintings
- Comedians (Jerry Seinfeld, and so many more)
- Floral print, old lace, pearls, allll that stuff...
- My mom's homemade bread
- The one and only, the Queen: Julie Andrews
- When my kids play with my hair
- Anne of Green Gables
- Introducing my kids to old movies

MOMS, by remembering their families... their legacies,... in the most beautiful way imaginable. 
BUSINESSES, by putting their best foot forward in providing them eye-catching content. 
PHOTOGRAPHERS, by improving their skill level through mentoring education.

It is my special mission to help:



Life can be messy, and it can be hard, but when you look at your photos I want you to enjoy the absolute beauty.


Time marches on and we only have so many chances to pause the magic before these moments slip out of our fingers.



We are so blessed to be born in a time to have the gift of photography, so that we can look back and remember moments of our lives with perfect clarity long after those moments are gone.



The photos you leave your family are the ones you will be remembered by. I want to help you make sure they are everything you hope they will be.