s  e  n  t  i  m  e  n  t  a  l 

e  l  e  m  e  n  t  s :

s  e  n  t  i  m  e  n  t  a  l       e  l  e  m  e  n  t  s :

   Call me sentimental, but after being married for a number of years, I reflected on my love for my husband and couldn't help but wish that we could have our wedding day all over again... only this time, I'd REALLY understand what I was promising. I'd understand much more what a life together means. I'd say yes to him with even more vigor, and instead of being distracted with the crazy wedding-day schedule, stop to really reflect on US, and the promises we made. 

   Inspired by this wish, I came up with a unique kind of photo session. It combines elements of your wedding, your love story, and the most important part - YOU. Your Love Story session can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. You can recreate your entire wedding (I kid, I kid... sort of!), or keep it simple with a photo shoot of just you and your love with no embellishments. Either way, you MUST promise to go on a hot date after the session wraps up!

J E F F   +   s U Z A N N E ' S

Jeff and Suzanne have been married for 12 years -“Better Together” is their song and the theme of this photo shoot.

Every day the couple makes an exchange. She makes his lunch and he writes her a love note. The stack above are all of the saved notes, lovingly wrapped in string and the brown bag represents all of the lunches Suzanne has made for Jeff.

What goes “better together” than peanut butter and jelly?

A dozen donuts for a dozen years together.

Jeff and Suzanne served chocolate pears at their wedding and honored that with the pears on the table settings here.

Linen is the “traditional gift” for 12 years and was used in the boutonniere and in the 12 miniature flag banner.

Suzanne used a dozen buttons on the handle of her bouquet from her beloved grandmother’s collection.

Three cakes - his chocolate, hers vanilla and the shared one a swirl to represent “better together.”

Suzanne’s bracelet is “something borrowed & something blue” and her birdcage veil headband honors the wedding spirit.

 A newly redesigned anniversary invitation suite.

 Antique, stamped spoons naming each member of their family.

I D E A S   F O R   Y O U r
s e s s i o n :

- wear your wedding day jewelry, shoes,... even your dress if you'd like!

- recreate your bridal bouquet, or include the same kinds of flowers from your wedding day into a floral crown or boutonniere

- bring anniversary gifts (jewelry, love notes wrapped in a ribbon), or other meaningful things to you as a couple for me to photograph

- have the session take place at a sentimental location

- a mini cake or cupcakes to cut and feed each other in honor of the wedding tradition - just for fun!

- a reciting of new vows at the end of the session (think "vow renewal" without the fuss). 

I D E A S   F O R   Y O U r   s e s s i o n :

love story


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