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Do you feel like something is "off" in your photos and you can't quite put your finger on it?

Are you having to work harder because your work doesn't stand out in a sea of competition?

Do you get frustrated because you can't recreate the look you want every single time?

"Get the Glow"


Beta Group

- teaching you how to create MAGIC, step-by-step -

Hello there, friend. Have you struggled with your shooting? How about your editing? Do you get tired of hustling to get your work noticed? Well, I'm TOTALLY here to help you. And eat Ben & Jerry's with you because I've been there too. After 14 years of shooting, learning from my own hurdles, zeroing in on what works every time, and investing in my own photography education (which includes my college art & design background that I infuse into this program), I am here to help YOU take your skills beyond your plateau, and straight over to your happy place... artistic satisfaction, and a waitlist for new clients! 

- Learn how to master the "light & airy" (yet vibrant!) style in a step-by-step process.

- Gain confidence and control by eliminating the guesswork before going into a session.

- Create photography that sells itself.

in a 5 step process...


- My exact "recipe" for creating a light yet vibrant look, so you will know how to shoot and deliver consistent images (spoiler alert: this will greatly increase your confidence as a photographer).

- What to do before, during, and after your session to capture perfect skin tones (yesssss), and land those tricky greens.

- Location scouting! Detailed instruction on how to choose the perfect places to shoot; this is a HUGE part of how your images will turn out!

- What light to look for and how to place your subjects, and how to shoot in ANY time of day.

- How to TRAIN YOUR EYE on what to look for (and what to AVOID) to create captivating images. This concept is absolutely imperative, in fact, you won't look at the world the same again!

- Which camera settings work best. You'd be surprised!

- How to communicate with clients so they understand and appreciate the part they play in creating this art with you.

- Successful posing - how to interact with clients so they feel relaxed and have amazing images to show for it.

- Design principles to use in your composition

- More. SO much more. Buckle up!


- The exact "recipe" for my signature, "light and vibrant" look, enabling you to shoot and deliver consistent images every single session.

- Shed the "pre-session jitterbugs" and gain confidence as the guesswork disappears. Enjoy more control and peace of mind.

- Where to find "the glow" at (just about) any time of day. Spoiler alert: it IS possible! Release the shackles of golden hour!

- How to capture perfect skin tones (yesss!), nail those tricky greens, and make magic through editing.

- The importance of the human eye, the science behind how it works, and how to apply this knowledge to transform your work

- How to train your eye; what you need to look for, avoid, and create in your frame for the most captivating images.


"Jeanna has taught me to not be afraid of booking sessions in different kinds of lighting scenarios. This is a total game changer; now I can book more clients because I have the tools needed to be successful in conquering the sun and using it to “get the glow” for my photos!"

- Gabrielle Crawley

"Jeanna's course is a must-have for photographers of any level. Her unique way of taking photography and transforming it into an art of thinking is so unique that it completely blew my mind! Not only did I come out of the course with a whole new outlook of looking at photography, but I came out with a whole new perspective of looking at everyday life, trees, objects, the sun, and more! Jeanna's course is so in-depth and covers everything you need to know. It was so incredibly valuable to me, and I've been photographing for over 10 years!"

- Stephanie Berenson

"I wish I could say what my favorite module was, but they were all so good I thirsted for more. Location scouting, lighting, many simple tricks blew my mind with “Why didn’t I think of that!” moments. I cannot say good enough things about her and this course and have been raving to fellow photographer friends. You won’t regret it!"

- Heidi Burton

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jeanna and her course, 'Get the Glow!' Since starting photography and discovering her work, I can honestly say Jeanna is my favorite photographer. She doesn’t hold anything back and has put her whole heart into this course. Unlike so many other educators, Jeanna is an open book! My work has become clean, light, and consistent and I’m so excited to have a new brand just a few months after beginning her course. In the future when I look back I know it will be Jeanna and her course that truly made the difference for me and helped me to get where I want to be. This is one of the best investments I’ve ever made!"

- Abbie Hubert

"I’m the happiest when I work with Jeanna because her tone is friendly and the environment is fun. She’s patient with our child that has special needs which is a huge plus. My whole family is comfortable with her and it always make for beautiful photos.

What makes Jeanna stand out from others is her attention to detail. Whether it’s commercial or family photos the execution is always flawless. With each shoot I know I’m going to receive perfect photos.

Jeanna always has a fun, natural environment while shooting. Her talent is unmatched and her photos are timeless. It’s always a pleasure."

unity village | KANSAS CITY family PHOTOGRAPHER

jevon, julie and juliana

2 / 5

"There are too many wonderful things to write about Jeanna. I will start with the fact that I will never have another human take my photo again. Her understanding of light and color and posing and framing make for the absolute perfect shot every time. Every holiday card I put together I have people begging for her contact info. 

Perhaps above all of that is who she is. She makes even the most uncomfortable and awkward people look like naturals and can use her photography sorcery to capture these incredible images of my kids (who are absolute tornados). We love her and have told her that she will be taking our photos for as long as she can hold a camera."

meadowbrook park | kansas city family photographer

sasha and david

3 / 5

“Jeanna’s photography is magical! She has raw and genuine talent that is hard to find. She takes the ordinary, everyday moments and turns them into beautiful artwork. Her work is timeless. She has a way of capturing the sweetest moments with my children that I will get to hang onto long after they are grown.

My family loves sessions with Jeanna, she is fun and passionate about what she does. Even when the kids aren’t cooperating Jeanna works her magic and our photos are always gorgeous! Friends and family who see my pictures always want to know who my photographer is. Jeanna is a true artist.”

blue springs | KANSAS CITY family PHOTOGRAPHER

ben and emily

4 / 5

“We've worked with Jeanna for two family sessions and have loved working with her! As a family who does not do photo sessions very often, it is important to us to make them count when we do. Jeanna did not disappoint and I cannot tell you how many compliments we received on our photos when they were used for our holiday card!

We have two young boys who never stop moving and Jeanna was so great with them. I swore there was no way we were going to get the photos I had hoped for with how tough it seemed to get my boys to stay still. When we received them, I was beyond happy with the quality of the photos she was able to capture. We had so many amazing family photos to choose from and use. We will have these photos forever, and I am so grateful to Jeanna for doing such a wonderful job and capturing our family so perfectly.”

blue springs | KANSAS CITY family PHOTOGRAPHER

morgan & kurt

5 / 5



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Abbie Hubert

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