Want to know something? You two look good together and I would love to photograph you and your sweetie pie. Hey - I'm a pretty fun "third wheel" for an hour! One day long from now when you are sitting with your grandkids and showing off your old photos, they will say, "Whoa, you used to be SO good looking!"  ;)

Love is the absolute best

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families & children

Every family is different... but what I want for each one is the same; GORGEOUS photos. Life can be far from glamorous with little ones (ahem...Cheerios on the floor!), but when you look at the photos on your wall, I want you to have a momentary escape into the ideal. The heavenly, the dream.
...and THEN worry about the Cheerios!


the greatest gift of all

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I can't WAIT to see your product in the most beautiful light (and if you think I'm excited, just imagine your clients!) 

Whether it's lifestyle with models, a simple product shoot on a solid color, styled to the hilt, or even a video clip, I'm here to help you look TOO LEGIT TO QUIT. 

Let's show off your biz

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Maternity & Models

Whether you are an expectant mama, or a model looking for portfolio shots, YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL, and boy oh boy I can't wait to capture it (*applause all around*)

The glow is REAL, just sayin'

"Isn't she lovely?" - Stevie Wonder

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