- P H O T O S H O P -

I will give live demonstrations on how I edit my photos, and teach you basic photoshop so you can not only help correct minor photo mistakes, but also manipulate your photos in the artistic way that you choose.

&  W o r k s h o p s

- M A S T E R S   O F   L I G H T I N G -


If you are tired of shooting in "auto" with that fancy camera of yours, this class is just right for you! You will learn which settings to use for manual, what they mean, and how they work together. You'll also learn the basics of cropping and design, white balance, shooting in raw vs. jpeg and much more...

Learn the difference between "good, better and best" light, how to place your subjects with the lighting you have available, all about indoor and outdoor light, how to shoot in challenging lighting conditions, how to shoot at different times of the day successfully, and those are just the highlights!

- P H O T O G R A P H Y   1 0 1 -

   I absolutely love teaching the subject of photography - it has brought such joy to my life and I adore seeing it "click" (see what I did there?) with others as they learn a new skill. I offer classes for beginning photographers and mentorship sessions for those a little more advanced. 

I also bring treats, so yeah, you definitely want to be there...


I offer workshops on occasion, where participants are invited to photograph models, as well as different stations of styled details. Please join my email list to keep up on all current announcements for classes and workshops. We have an absolute blast!

-   w   o   r   k   s   h   o   p   s   -

photography by jeanna hayes,  styling by suzanne johnson of she paperie