- filling you in on the best kept secret in the photography biz -

I can't emphasize this enough; commercial work is the absolute, total and utter BEST. Let's imagine something together, shall we?
There are two watering holes in a village - the first is rather small, a bit crowded, and heck - downright competitive. However, there is another around the corner that few see or know about. It's much larger, deeper, and there is more than enough room for all. This pool of water, my friends, is commercial work. 

Why do you want to get into commercial? Let me tell ya:

- The demand is HUGE. 

- You are not, and I repeat, NOT limited to local work! 90% of my commercial clients live in New York and I'm in Kansas City!

- The business you get is often repeat and regular. You really only need so many clients before you fill up your schedule... and your bank account ;).

- The pros (and cons!) of commercial work... I'm an honest, open book! (spoiler alert... the pros outweigh the cons) ;)

- How to choose ideal clients to pitch to, HOW to pitch, and the biggest mistakes photographers make in their approach (this matters a TON!)

- Pricing yourself so it's beyond worth it, and my biggest secret in this area...

- How to navigate the photographer/client relationship in the commercial world, some of the challenges we face, and how to overcome them.

- The ways commercial differs from typical portrait sessions and why it matters.

- How to shoot and edit commercial work successfully (yes, it can be very different than portrait work!)


Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography Mentoring


2 hours via Zoom! I will thoroughly explain all of the above points of education. All you need is your preferred way to take notes, any questions, and a ready mind...

$485 for 2 hours of education